OFFenses. Eroticism in the darkness.

OFFenses. Eroticism in the darkness. Audiovisual project.

Maria Cyranowicz: voice
Beata Sosnowska: image sweet arts
Agnieszka Weseli: text hungry pieces

The main aim of the project “OFFenses” was to go beyond human sexuality, physicality and emotionality shaped by heteronormative patterns, and by doing that to trigger OFF a discussion about mental and cultural taboos associated with the still marginalized experience of these three spheres by lesbians. The three authors went beyond, each in their own way, what is considered to be a standard, expressing it in a form of love poetry, graphics and linguistic poetics. They have also presented the offenses in a trifold form: a voice-over, graphics displayed on the walls of the room and a text run on the ceiling. The voice – what is heard, the image – what is seen, and the text – what is read, combined together, were meant to affect the viewer. Moreover, the OFFenses as “eroticism in the darkness” placed the viewer in the dark tabooed sphere, from which things that are disturbing and threatening emerge in the form of unveiling woman’s crotch.

Place: UFA, ul. Marszałkowska 3/5, Warsaw 2008; University of Silesia during the TRANSMOTIV Festival, Katowice 2009; NRD Club, Lady Fest Festival, Torun 2009; Universal Art, a collective exposition as part of the Pomada, Warsaw 2010.